Tend Home Service

Homeowners policies don't cover costly appliance and home system breakdowns. With the Tend Home Service plan, you'll be covered if your A/C's on the fritz or relatives are over for dinner and the oven kicks it.

One quick call puts our network of licensed, insured repair professionals into action and to your door.

Key Features from

Claim fee: $75

Up to: $10,000 in coverage

No exclusions on age, make, model or quantity

Repair and replacement solutions

Covers two HVAC systems

24/7/365 support when you need us most

Unlimited service calls

25,000 service centers in our nationwide network

What’s Covered?

No matter how old, the brand, make or model, or where they came from, you're covered. We fix what's broken, and if it's beyond repair we replace it.

Terms & Conditions

Up to $3,000/yr

Up to $2,000/yr

Up to $1,000/yr

Up to $2,000/yr

Additional Home Items
Up to $2,000/yr